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Returning Products To Zon

Step 1. Important! Contact Zon Guitars to obtain an RA (return authorization) number.

Prior to shipping your bass to ZON, you must contact us either by phone or e-mail for an RA (return authorization) number. When contacting us we'll also need to know the model of the bass and the nature of the problem. You can reach us by phone toll free at 1 877 PLAY ZON or by e-mail at customerservice@zonguitars.com.

Please note: Deliveries without an RA number will not be accepted.

Step 2.

Carefully pack the product in a sturdy cardboard box. If it's a bass and you don't have the original carton, one can usually be obtained from a local music store. Make sure you get a box that has some "breathing" room. You'll want to cushion the bass by adding foam or bubble pack around the instrument so it doesn't move freely in the box. UPS requires 1" of space around the product so if it gets crunched, the packing material will absorb the damage, not the bass.

DO NOT pack the instrument without a gig bag or case. Serious damage could occur, which may not be covered by the conditions of the carrier's insurance.

Step 3.

Complete and print the Return Authorization Form. Follow the instructions and print a copy of the form for yourself and include a copy with your shipment. It will help us expedite the process and provide better service to you.

Click here for printable Return Authorization Form.

Step 4.

Take the instrument to the UPS or Fed Ex depot. Select your method of shipping (Next Day, Two-Day, Ground, etc.) and be certain to insure the product for full replacement value. Insurance is generally cheap, and skimping on the proper amount of insurance may prohibit you from getting awarded the proper amount needed to replace the product, should it get lost or severely damaged.


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