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Matt Malley      


Born July 4th, 1963. Took Piano lessons in Berkeley CA from age 7 through 9. (From 1970 - 72!) Wow. My favorite records were being made then - Zeppelin were recording their great records. Also Yes, Floyd, etc.

Goofed off 'til I was 12 when dad had me take flying lessons and I soloed in a Cessna 150 at age 16, so I could say I flew an airplane by myself before I could drive. Cool, and thanks dad for that gift of making me feel special through the awkward times of being that age.

Got side tracked from airplanes when adolescence kicked in and got into rock bands starting at age 16 with best friend Mike Detwiler and we formed "The Screaming Idiots" and later, "Audio Assault". We were quite good, and quite loud. Played keg parties around the greater Piedmont, CA area from 1980 til 82 or so, and we would play til the cops shut us down, or unplugged us. One gig stands out, in the backyard of a house which overlooked a canyon and about 4 miles away on the other side of the canyon was the small district of Montclair and above that, the Oakland hills. When the cops had to remove the mic from the front of my face, (we wouldn't stop playing until something physical happened), I was told we were getting complaints from 6 MILES AWAY. Yep, those were the days.

Quit all that to try college in 83 at Lambuth college, Jackson TN. (Wanted to get away from my home town, and relatives lived out there so I didn't feel too cut off).

Finished a year of college, came home and joined a feminist bluegrass band called "The Robin Flower Band" and toured the US. That was fun too. Robin is a great musician.

Discovered the joys of Crosby, Stills and Nash in her band. Listened extensively to all their records. Neil Young too. And Fairport Convention as well.

Goofed off and played in bands for the rest of the 80's and finally when the decade ended I'd decided that I would try to get a life so I started on the path to become an Air Traffic Controller. I was thrilled when I passed the exam - no more living on the edge, can get to wear a tie, please mom and dad, drive a Miata and shop at Ikea. I could now be a normal, well-adjusted citizen of society. I even sold all my records and my two Steinberger Basses. (Still pretty pissed about that).

This was all to soon change because at the same time all this was happening, joined Adam and Bryson and a drummer named Ben Ulrich and we played bars around the Bay Area calling ourselves Counting Crows. At the SAME WEEK I was on the top of the list to be hired as an Air Traffic Controller and be whisked off to Oklahoma City to begin training, we got our record deal and this totally confused me. Friends of mine told me not to be stupid and sign the record deal because even if I don't make a penny, at least I'll be doing what I want in my heart of hearts. So I did.

Currently chipping away at my solo record.
"Babies With Glasses" - Robin Flower, '89
All Counting Crows records

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