Zon, Taking Bass Further
Jonni Lightfoot      

Band: Bassist/Musical Director For Air Supply / Starbreaker

From the cozy stages of the clubs to the roaring crowds of arenas, Jonni Lightfoot is doing it all. For the past five years he has been touring the world with rock legends "Air Supply." Performing in sold out soccer stadiums in Mexico to record full arenas in Asia, to just a few months ago performing to 175,000 people in Cuba. Jonni gives bass playing a new look where there seems to be nothing new under the sun.

In 1996 Jonni released his debut C.D. "Copper Street Fair" which received enthusiastic reviews from fans and critics including "Most innovated new artist" from Bass Frontiers magazine. "Copper Street Fair" offers a different look into Jonni's song writing skills, which celebrated the piccolo bass as the centerpiece of 9 moving compositions.

In 2000 and 2001 Jonni reached another milestone in his career with his performances of the "National Anthem" (on bass) to sell out crowds at the Utah Jazz and Utah Grizzles home games.

Jonni's latest release "Pendulum" (a DreamAttik Production released in early 2002) reveals some of his greatest work to date. From the use of his piccolo bass to stunning performances on the fretless bass, one is sure to be mesmerized, taken in and energized by these powerful 11 compositions.

For the past five years Jonni has been a clinician for today's top bass amp company Gallien-Krueger (GK) and has played a role in defining his personalized bass with Joe Zon of Zon Guitars.

So what's next for Jonni Lightfoot? He has started recording for his third C.D. "Blu" (Scheduled to be released in early 2006) Where he will once again showcase a different side to his versatile musical capabilities, while still incorporating his three strongest musical attributes: soul, diversity, and lots of energy.



[Albums With Starbreaker]
Loves Dying Wish - Coming Summer 2008 [Albums With Air Supply]

Free Love
Heart Of The Rose
Across The Concrete Sky
It was 30 Years Ago Today (live)

[Solo Albums]
Copper Street Fair

Zon bass(es) of choice:
Legacy Elite 5 String Quilt maple top (RED)
Legacy Elite 5 String Fretless Koa top
Legacy Elite 4 String Flame Maple top With Hip shots
Legacy Elite 4 String Flamed Redwood Top With Hip shots (Piccolo)
Legacy Elite 5 String Koa top
Legacy Standard 4 String Spalted Maple (Piccolo)
Sonus 5 String



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