Zon, Taking Bass Further
Iron Shabtai      

Band: Synergia (Israel)


Iron started playing the bass only at age 19, initially influenced by the inspiring basslines of alain caron in uzeb noisy nights CD. But soon after, he started playing in several bands and performing live in the Israely rock scene.

In the year 2002 he joined Ron Hoffman and Roy Geffen to form Synergia (the Hebrew word for synergy) - an Israely rock band. Later on Benua and Ethan Raz joined the band.

Synergia went out on a tour since then all across Israel.

With a great support from its crowd, Synergia presented its successful debut album in January 2005, "shouting at love". In September 2006 Synergia presented its 2nd album, "feeling different", from which 4 singles reached the 1st place in the national charts for almost 9 consecutive months.

In February 2007 Synergia was nominated the band of the year in Israel. Since then Synergia was hosted as special guests in most of the Israely national TV shows, from daily shows to comedy shows.

An important milestone - Iron "met" his ZON in his honeymoon in 2005. It was love at first site. This Sonus 519, with its composite neck and most comfortable string spacing made him throw aside his other bass guitars...

His band. Synergia is currently the no.1 rock band in Israel, busy performing all across Israel, and starts working on its 3rd album.

You can hear iron's playing and the band's music in its site www.synergia.co.il.

Synergia - Shouting at love (2005)
Synergia Feeling different (2006)
Zon bass(es) of choice:

Sonus 519



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