Zon, Taking Bass Further
Damian Erskine      


Damian Erskine has been playing bass since just 6 years of age. He has had the privilege of studying with such greats as Marc Johnson, Victor Wooten (BNC 2001), Reggie Hamilton and Kai Eckhardt. In addition to being a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, Damian also had the privilege of being a 1st call Bass sub for Kai Eckhardt while living in the San Francisco area. Being very much a groove player, Damian also draws on his love of (and experience playing) many forms of funk, jazz, latin, folk and all styles of music. Equally at home just laying it down, Damian is also in his element soloing or comping chordally. Pulling as many sounds and textures from the instrument as necessary to add depth and style to his music.
Damian is also the nephew of world-renowned drummer Peter Erskine and spent the majority of his youth surrounded by many talented and famous musicians (including a good number of Weather Report concerts and even a few back stage lessons with Jaco!). Damian has spent his life absorbing music from some of the greatest musicians of our time and is currently living in Portland, Oregon continuing to do what he loves... Playing great music with great people for a living! Damian endorses & uses Aguilar amps & cabs, D'Addario strings and (of course) Zon basses.


Zon bass(es) of choice:



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