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Alex Bershadsky      

Band: Solo artist/Zonzee

Alex Bershadsky, Israeli Bass player and composer.
He has been playing bass for 25 years. Leading a fusion band, Zonzee, which released 2 albums, the second album, buzz, featuring the legendary guitarist, Mike Stern. In the last 3 years, Zonzee played Jazz festival around the world. (Red sea Jazz festival, Rigas Ritmi and Blue Note NY)

Alex also plays with Israeli leading artists (T.V, radio and etc…)
He teaches music in collages and privately.

Alex has influenced many young musicians and contributed to the music scene in Israel.

These days, Alex is working on a solo project.


Zon bass(es) of choice:

MP3 Sound Bites:

Ready, Set, Go (off of JUNK)

Via Dolorosa (off of JUNK)

Rush Hour (off of JUNK)



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