Thank you for making your choice a ZON bass. Crafted by artisans with a passion for building each instrument as if it was their very own, your bass is the culmination of classic hand-craftsmanship and the best in contemporary materials.

The neck and body of your bass were completely crafted in our Redwood City facility. The import models are carefully scrutinized in our facility to meet our standards of quality. This meticulous attention to detail, comfort and aesthetics is our hallmark, ensuring you a bass with a lifetime of reliable service and playing enjoyment.

Careful thought has been put into the design and creation of each model we offer. Each component is selected to work with and complement the other in order to achieve the distinctive voice prescribed for that particular model bass.

Pickups and electronics are designed exclusively for Zon and made to our specifications from the highest-quality components. The hardware is machined to precision tolerances in order to facilitate accurate, stable tuning and micro-fine adjustments.

Hand-selected, premium-grade woods were used in the construction of your instrument and finished by hand to achieve a lasting beauty. The fretwork is also dressed by hand, and the instrument thoroughly set-up, adjusted and tested prior to shipment, ensuring a bass with optimum playability and performance.

The contents of this Owner’s Guide are filled with valuable information about your new instrument. Please read it carefully to learn how to care for your bass and before making any adjustments. If you are uncomfortable with any of the procedures contained in this manual, take your instrument to a qualified repairperson. In the event you should need special assistance, please contact us at toll free at 1 877 PLAY ZON or via the web at

Joseph M. Zon
President, Zon Guitars