The electronics on your Zon bass are made to provide you with versatility and optimal tonal shaping. Each “package” is designed to work in conjunction with and complement the other components of the instrument so that the “sum of all the parts” will culminate in the distinctive voice prescribed for that particular model.


All of our active electronics use the highest-quality components for low-noise, long-term use and reliability. Power consumption varies with each circuit, depending on the complexity of its functions. Low power reserves are indicated by a loss of output and an increase in noise or distortion. To remedy this situation, change the battery (or batteries).

Before changing the batteries, be sure the cable is not plugged into the output jack of the bass. Remove the backplate screws and cover, and then unclip the battery from the harness. Be careful not to yank the harness, as this action may cause the wires to break from their connections.

Transfer the foam jacket (which helps prevent the metal case of the battery from shorting the components) from the old battery onto the new one and attach the harness connector in place. Install the backplate and connect the guitar cable to test.

Note: To prolong battery life, unplug your instrument when you are not playing. If your bass requires two batteries, always change both of them at the same time.

Warning: Replace the battery with a good-quality 9-volt alkaline. Do not use rechargeable batteries.