Caring For Your New Zon Bass

By design, your bass is virtually maintenance-free, making it a consistently reliable tool. Here are a few things that will help preserve the beauty and performance of this instrument for years to come.


Avoid exposure to extreme temperature changes. When bringing your bass inside from a cold environment, keep the case closed. Allow the instrument to acclimate by waiting until the case warms to room temperature before opening it. This will allow the instrument’s wood and finish to expand at the same rate, preventing the finish from shattering.

Likewise, do not leave your instrument in direct sunlight or in the trunk of a car on a hot day. Temperatures in a car trunk can exceed 212 degrees F (100 degrees C). Extended exposure to this condition can cause severe damage to the instrument.

Periodically check all the screws and string saddles to make sure everything is tightened snug and working properly.


The finish on your bass is a catalyzed polyester coating, formulated to be impervious to moisture and far more durable than lacquer. It can be cleaned using Zon Finesse, a cleaner specially made for this type of finish. Do not use furniture polish or cleaners on your bass, they build up and turn gummy.


Cleaning the phenowood fingerboard on our composite necks can be done using a small drop of WD-40 on a cloth and working it into the surface.

Cleaning the rosewood/pau ferro fingerboard on our wood necks can be done using a small amount of lemon oil and working it into the wood grain.