About Set-Up

The amount of neck relief is a personal choice as different playing styles require different string action. Too little relief, and the frets will buzz. Too much relief, and the bass will be difficult to play.


Our composite necks do not require any adjustment. They are designed to provide proper playing relief without the aid of a truss rod. However, our wood necks will require periodic adjustment with seasonal changes.

Before making a truss rod adjustment, assess the direction of adjustment by sighting down the edge of the fingerboard from the string nut to heel. Curvature of the fingerboard away from the string indicates underbow. Curvature toward the string indicates overbow. Ideally, the neck should have a slight amount of underbow, just shy of being straight. If adjusted properly, this will provide low action with minimal fret noise. For even less fret noise and more challenging action, add relief. These adjustments can be made with the strings at normal tension.

About Truss Rod Adjustment

Be careful not to overtighten the adjusting nut. Doing so could strip the rod, making it useless.

If you feel uncomfortable making these adjustments, contact an experienced repairperson.